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The San Mateo Union High School District believes - all students have the right to participate fully in the educational process, free from discrimination and harassment.  These rights are assured to students by CA Education Code Section 200 and Penal Code Section 422.55.

Welcome To The San Mateo Union High School District



Lauren Valles photographed with Girls State Alumnae Foundation Vice President Yumi NamCongratulations to Lauren Valles of Capuchino! This upcoming 2018 graduate is already making her mark on the community. She was recently elected to a statewide position in Girls State -- a leadership program of the American Legion Auxiliary designed to increase awareness and knowledge of governmental processes while learning about the duties, privileges, rights and responsibilities of citizenship. Lauren was elected Most Outstanding Citizen of her "city" by her 34 city-mates which qualified her as a nominee for Most Outstanding Citizen of the State. She was then elected by the "state" -- comprised of more than 500 girls from all over California -- to be the 2017 Most Outstanding Citizen of California Girls State. For this honor, she was given a one-of-a-kind Citizenship Medal and a $1,000 scholarship by the Girls State Alumnae Foundation as a reward. Finally, shortly after receiving these great honors, she was called back on stage because she was also named the First Alternate to attend Girls Nation in Washington D.C. Because of her many achievements, she was escorted separately by the Sergeant at Arms during the closing ceremony to join the two other Senators, the Second Alternate, and the Governor on Stage. As she says with excitement, "I had the privilege of retiring the Girls State Banner!" Congratulations Lauren! For more information about Girls State click HERE.


Katie WardKatie Ward, an Advanced Placement (AP) Biology and Biotechnology teacher at Aragon High, has recently earned the distinction of being recognized as the Outstanding Biology Teacher of America (OBTA) for the State of California.  Katie has been very ambitious and active in her extended teaching career attending numerous workshops and national conferences in addition to working at the Exploratorium in San Francisco. Katie will be recognized at the Honors Luncheon at the Annual National Association of Biology Teachers (NABT) Professional Development Conference this November. Congratulations Katie! Thank you for always striving to be the best teacher you can be for your students.


NASA web photo of Aug Solar EclipseOn Monday, August 21st, sky watchers across the country will experience the Great American Eclipse. Many of our students with the guidance of our teachers will be safely watching the solar eclipse and we want you to watch this historical event safely too. Please take a moment to review this 2017 Solar Eclipse Safely sheet provided by the American Astronomical Society, the American Academy of Ophthalmology, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, the American Academy of Optometry, the American Optometric Association and the National Science Foundation. Further, NASA recommends additional safety tips to view the August solar eclipse. Thank you and enjoy! Photo from Nasa Web Site.


Nicholas Sanchez Signing  SCapuchino graduates go on after high school to make significant community contributions. Nicholas Sanchez is one example of a Capuchino graduate who is making his mark in a positive way on the community he serves. As a California State University Northridge (CSUN) student, he is conducting professional development workshops for interpreters to better understand sports so they can help athletes. This is the first time a student will be hosting a workshop at the annual Summer Institute for Interpreter’s Professional Development — an event hosted by CSUN’s NCOD: Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services. As a student and athlete who is deaf, Sanchez was familiar with the struggles he experienced with his coaches instructing sports. When Sanchez attended Capuchino High School, he was recognized as a top athlete for sports such as, football, soccer and track and field. He later spent eight years at five different community colleges searching for a challenging, educational environment in sports. Nicholas is quoted in a CSUN article, “I hope that with my workshop, we will have more successful interpreters in the sports area and, as a result, more successful deaf athletes.” Thank you Nicholas for serving your community. You make the SMUHSD and the Capuchino Mustangs proud. Information and photo from a CSUN article found HERE.


Photo of Superintendent SkellyGreetings to the 17-18 School Year!

School starts Wednesday and for the past week, it seems that every staff member I encounter – from plant managers to school office assistants to new teachers – simply can’t wait for school to start.  Our staff enjoys the end-of-summer reunions our pre-start meetings represent, but they really look forward to making sure we are ready for the hustle and bustle of a new school year. As we walk around school campuses during the summer, the halls seem increasingly to cry out for your student’s energy and spirit.
As educators in our district, we have much to be grateful for.  We have a chance to do some of the most important work there is – educating our remarkable students so full of promise and talent, in this place – the heart of innovation and commitment to learning, at this time – when the connection between learning and one’s lifetime good fortunes is stronger than ever.
Lately I have been waking up and thinking to myself, “hot dang, I get to work in the San Mateo Union High School District.”  While it may not be the first thought on everyone’s mind here every morning, we are a lucky bunch, in no small part because of you and your family.
On we go!
Sincerely, Kevin Skelly, Ph.D.
Superintendent, San Mateo Union High School District

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Interpreter Service

The Office of Student Services provides on-site interpreting services for Spanish and Chinese (Cantonese/Mandarin) speakers. Interpreter Service available in any language upon request. Learn the details.

La Oficina de Servicios Estudiantiles ofrece servicios de interpretación en el mismo lugar para las personas que hablan español y chino (mandarín). Se dispone de intérpretes de cualquier otro idioma previa solicitud. Averigüe los detalles.



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